Why GeoDeck is Better

The Science Behind the Superior GeoDeck Product

geodeck composite decking
The Superior Decking Product

Due to its industry leading, patented formula, expert engineering, and continuous improvement, GeoDeck is scientifically superior to other composite decking products.


GeoDeck’s Patented Formula

GeoDeck composite decking is made from microbial-resistant rice hulls; reclaimed paper by-product; prime virgin polymer; heavy loadings of antioxidants, color pigments, and stabilizers; and other high-quality materials to create a product with:

  • Superior Color Retention: Instead of using wood residue, GeoDeck uses reclaimed paper by-product to produce a composite material that has superior color retention and fade resistance. GeoDeck composite decking also contains significantly less lignin (a chemical which creates color fading when exposed to sunlight) than other composites.
  • Reduced Water Absorption – Increasing Resistance to Mold, Mildew and Decay: Instead of using wood fillers like most other composite products, GeoDeck uses rice hulls, which are naturally more resistant to water absorption and mildew. Water in composite material can decrease durability and increase warping, mold, and decay.
  • Prevention Against Degradation: In the GeoDeck production process, we include a powerful antioxidant additive to prevent against degradation. Since 2003, the amount of antioxidant in GeoDeck composite decking boards has been more than tripled. As a result, GeoDeck does not degrade prematurely, thus saving maintenance, money, and time.
  • Increased Mechanical Performance: GeoDeck uses reclaimed paper by-products to increase mechanical performance, stiffness, and surface hardness, which decreases the risk of scratching. Paper by-product includes components such as cellulose, kaolin clay, and calcium carbonate, which act as stiffeners.
  • Greater Environmental Responsibility: GeoDeck does not contain toxic materials, hazardous chemicals, or preservatives. GeoDeck uses rice hulls, a rapidly-renewable resource made from the discarded outer husks of rice kernels, and discarded paper pulp, a by-product of the paper-making process. Both rice hulls and paper by-product would often otherwise be incinerated or sent to landfills.

GeoDeck’s Expert Engineering

environmentally friendly deck
Expert Engineering

GeoDeck composite decking and railing is expertly engineered to weigh less, produce less waste, require less substructure material, and create a clean, professional look. Specifically, GeoDeck excels in three areas of engineering – I-Beam Design, Joist & Stair Tread Span, and System Design.

    • I-Beam Design: The I-Beam design uses fewer resources, is easier to install, easier to handle, and lighter in weightthan other composite decking designs. Due to its strength, effectiveness at carrying loads, and efficient use of materials, it is one of the most common beam designs used to create structurally sound and beautiful projects in the commercial, and residential industries.
      • Less material waste: less material sent to a land fill
      • Lower board weight: more easily handled and installed
      • Lower shipping weight: more material fits on a truck– using less fuel to transport
    • Joist & Stair Tread Span: GeoDeck outperforms the competition over maximum joist and stair tread span ratings. Greater joist and stair tread span means less cost for a project using GeoDeck because fewer boards are necessary to create the deck substructure.*
*ICC Evaluation Services is a non-profit, public-benefit corporation. They collect information from licensed and accredited third-party testing agencies throughout the U.S. Their reports are used by local code enforcement officers to ensure deck manufacturers meet local codes and the product is safe for you and your family.
  • System Design:GeoDeck is engineered and designed as a complete system to create a deck that has a clean, finished appearance. There are five components in the GeoDeck system design:
    GeoDeck in Park
    GeoDeck – A Complete System
    • Tongue & Groove (T&G) deck board: Designed for easy and rapid installation with adequate under-deck ventilation and a modern flooring aesthetic
    • Traditional board: Designed for projects where decking is built close to the ground or a more traditional decking aesthetic is desired
    • Commercial board: Larger 2×8 profile designed for heavy-duty projects with higher loads and larger spans (rated up to a 28-inch span rating) or where a rugged aesthetic is desired
    • Perimeter strip: Used with both the T&G and the traditional deck boards to ‘picture frame’ the deck. Using perimeter strip conceals the engineered profile of the decking and allows for expansion and contraction gaps to be hidden, providing a clean, uniform finish
    • Feature strip: Used in larger deck applications with boards longer than 20 ft. Using this strip creates the same gap-free aesthetic as the perimeter strip, just in the field of the decking. Used in conjunction with the perimeter strip, a completed deck will have no showing gaps or board ends to disrupt the professional look

GeoDeck’s Continuous Improvement

Accurate Quality Control Ensures A Superior Product

GeoDeck continues to maintain a constant vigilance on improving our product. In the last three years, GeoDeck has invested several million dollars in research and development to test and monitor product performance and durability, and improve our quality control processes to ensure a superior product.

Check out our competitor comparison charts for more information on how GeoDeck products measure up with other composite decking products.

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