GeoDeck Dealers

To help you drive sales, GeoDeck provides promotional packages to ensure your contractors get out the door with the education and tools that they need to hit the ground running. Our marketing support team works hand-in-hand with you to provide the flexibility to promote your business partnerships in a variety of ways.

  • Our winter-dating program allows you to pre-plan and ensure proper stocking levels for spring with special dating terms.
    become geo deck dealer
    GeoDeck Dealers Enjoy A Number Of Benefits
  • Our hollow profile means that GeoDeck is light-weight. As a result, our product can ship up to 8′ high on trucks, getting you more shipped for your freight dollar.
  • Our boards are double-sided and finished, so if one side is damaged, the contractor is able to flip it and use the other side — reducing costly returns.
  • Contractors prefer GeoDeck because our unique T&G board requires no hidden fastener system, and along with our S4S boards, are ICC rated for 21″ on center. Translation: Less substructure and less installation time.

Become a GeoDeck Dealer or Distributor

There are two types of GeoDeck dealers: Stocking Dealers (have GeoDeck supplies on inventory) and Non-Stocking Dealers (order supplies on an as-needed basis.)

If you’re interested in becoming a GeoDeck stocking dealer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to stock a minimum of six (6) units of materials
  • Display an onsite GeoDeck sample (floor-standing display or fully functional outdoor deck)
  • Stock a minimum of two colors
  • Willingness to host a Product Knowledge demo

If you’re interested in becoming a GeoDeck non-stocking dealer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have ample access to material supply (job lot order)
  • Present a GeoDeck countertop display
  • Willingness to host a Product Knowledge demo

Benefits of Becoming a GeoDeck Dealer

Not only will you offer the most robust and comprehensive line of composite deck and railing products, you’ll receive outstanding resources and support to sell them.

Get installer training


  • Full training for your sales and support staff
  • On-site Product Knowledge demo


  • Online support
  • Contractor support
  • Direct contact with manufacturer
  • Direct follow-up within 24 hours


  • Product samples
  • Listing on GeoDeck’s Web site
  • Access to full range of marketing materials including signage, brochures, and more
  • Participation in co-op benefit program
  • Use of STEPS, online marketing materials customization tool

To become a GeoDeck dealer or distributor, or to buy GeoDeck products, contact us at (866) 800-3798.