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Multiple Design Options

GeoDeck can save you time, provides multiple options for design, extends into many different markets, and will delight your customers.


With GeoDeck products you can count on:

GeoDeck can save you up to 40% in time & labor – Our unique tongue & groove board requires no hidden fastener system:

  • No pre-drill or special drill bits required
  • Goes down with an air gun, as well as a screw gun
  • Our boards are double sided and finished – if one side is damaged, just flip it over; saving you time returning and exchanging materials

GeoDeck provides multiple options for design :

GeoDeck decking boards come in four fade-resistant colors, three profiles, and can be used for almost any decking style.

  • Colors: Walnut, Mahogany, Cedar, Driftwood
  • Profiles: Tongue & Groove (T&G), 2×8 Commercial, Traditional S4S
  • Decking Styles: Diagonal, Octagon, Herringbone and many more
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Multiple Applications

GeoDeck’s flexibility and strength allows you to extend into many different markets:

GeoDeck’s commercial boards span a further distance and handles higher loads, allowing you to extend application into commercial markets such as restaurants and retail areas, as well as marinas and docks.

  • Our traditional S4S and T&G boards are ICC rated for 21″ OC: Standard building practices for 16″ on center never have to be modified to 12″ on center.
  • Our 2×8 commercial board is ICC rated for 28″ OC: Spans further distance and handles a higher load, allowing for many different commercial applications.

GeoDeck composite decking will delight your customers:

Customers prefer GeoDeck because of its unique, brushed look, extremely low maintenance requirements, and its long-lasting fade, scratch, mold and decay resistance.

  • Low Maintenance – GeoDeck is easy to clean; most stains can be removed with a general-purpose household cleaner.
  • Beautiful and Strong – Industry-leading in mechanical strength and durability, while maintaining its beauty for many years.
  • Environmentally Friendly – GeoDeck’s patented formula uses rice hulls – a natural part of rice kernels.

To become a GeoDeck Installer, or to order GeoDeck products, contact us at (866) 800-3798.